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Re: [IPk] BGs while sleeping

Exactly, get more growth hormone running round your system, some BBs take
30 min naps many times a day and it does seem to work, but then again they
are also taking insulin and a whole load of other junk which could be

At 10:15 01/06/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>Natty, I guess I'm just weird :-)
>> The thing is that bodybuilders have cat naps during the day as it takes
>> about 20 mins for the fist shot of hormones to kick in after sleep which
>> could explain why your BGs go up. 
>yet againu you've manage to completely confuse me here.
>I don't understand why bodybuilders take catnaps. Do you mean they
>want the bormones to kick in, so if they have catnaps they are getting
>this effect more often?
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