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Re: [IPk] Skin Prep

Diana Maynard wrote:
> Does anyone use Skin Prep? If so, where do you get it from inthe UK?
> I tried to order it at Boots and they refused as they said it wouldn't
> be worth their while.
> Ray tells me AMT don't stock it either as noone's asked for it before.
> John N - where did you get it from in the UK?

That's interesting. I've still got my original box here (I don't use it
often). I got it from my local village chemist: Douglas Skeeles Ltd, 27
Weston Road, Long Ashton, Bristol BS18 9AA. Tel 01275 392289

I've got a hunch that Smith+Nephew have been transferring some of their
skin products to a different label - Seton Healthcare Group plc, whom
they own. My first box of Medi-Swab H was Smith+Nephew, but my most
recent box was Seton. I had to struggle to get that though. I eventually
got it from a small chemist along Booth Street West, from the RNCM
towards Moss Side. I think it was too much effort for the pharmacist -
poor thing - but she eventually took up the challenge. Special order.
Cost 4.95.

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