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Re: [IPk] strange sites

> Di
> We have a patient who really favours using his arm regularly - I only found
> out when he asked for the arm strap!  I must say it may seem unusual, but it
> depends where yoiu wear yoiur pump as to how inconvenient it would be.  Not
> everyones first choice, I agree.
> Estelle

Since I use the long length tubing, it's actually reasonably
convenient to still wear the pump on my belt or in my pocket.
Obviously if I wanted to wear it in my sock it might be more of a
problem! I just run the tube under my bra strap, down my side and then
across to my pocket (though I do complicate things unnecessarily by
wearing the pump in my left pocket whilst the site is in my right

Yes, I tried my thigh once and got uneven absorption, but htat may
just have been a random bad spot. I'll try that one again as I found
it quite a convenient location.
I've also tried my hips, both lower and upper abdomen and upper
backside. All of which appear to work fine although my backside
appears to leave greater bumps afterwards (though I haven't tried the
Sil there, which tends to leave less of a mark).

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