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[IPk] strange sites

Ok, I told you I like experimenting. Last night I decided to put a
Sofset in my arm for a change. All appears to be well so far....

The only problem I've had was connecting and disconnecting with one
hand. Luckily my teeth act as a very good second hand! Removing the
Sofserter from my arm whilst trying to hold the set in place was a bit
of a challenge too but somehow I managed that.

My biggest fear was erratic absorption but so far that seems to be OK.
What I did forget was that I am dancing tonight so there's lots of
potential for my partner's hand to either be holding my arm right at
the site, or to pull the tubing, but it I tape the tubing down I guess
it should be OK.

I can't see any specific advantage to using the arm (and a lot more
inconvenience) but it's nice to know there are other possible sites
that work! Though I do draw the line at Eleanor's earlier suggestion!


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