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Re: [IPk] Glucose Stats

Hi Nicola
It's a fine balance! If you can achieve this level of control without 
losing hypo awareness then obviously that's the ideal, but many people 
may not be able to do so. I think the trick is to catch the lows very 
quickly - if you average a hypo a day but it's only going down to about 
3.8 (say), then you're probably OK. If you're averaging a hypo of 2.0 
every day, then that's another matter.

If you went on a pump to reduce the lows, and you're now running higher 
as a result, then surely you have achieved your aim....

Bear in mind that we're all different and we all need to set our own 
targets based on what's practically achievable for us, what suits our 
bodies and what suits our lifestyle.


On 20/07/11 14:49, Nicola Cox wrote:
> Hi Di
> I'm particularly interested in this as I probably had stats similar to
> Iain on MDI, but was told by a DSN at the time that I was running the
> risk of various 'cognitive' problems (long-term), and obviously losing
> my hypo-awareness, etc. She said that it was equally as dangerous as
> running high.
> I went on a pump last year solely to reduce the lows - ironically, since
> then, I've run higher than ever since diagnosis.....
> Thanks,
> Nicola
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