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RE: [IPk] my dad

Hi Di

I am pleased to hear that your dad has been doing so well in coping with
life with one leg.  However, I am really sorry to hear about his latest
ulcer and think this is really bad luck.  I can't give any advice or help on
how he will manage if he also loses this leg but you must just both hope
that this is a long way off and he will cope in the way he has shown you
that he can.  My thoughts are with him.


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Hi folks
For those of you who were following the saga of my Type I dad who 
finally lost his leg (below the knee) a few months ago, following an 
infected toe which didn't heal. He's doing incredibly well, very 
positive and getting used to life with one leg and gradually learning to 
wear a prosthetic leg.
However, he has now got an ulcer in his other foot and they have 
basically said if it doesn't heal then he'll lose the other leg too, 
I've no idea what double amputation (hopefully below the knee again) 
would entail but at 71 it's not going to be easy. I can't imagine him 
trying to learn to walk with 2 prosthetic legs at his age, although who 
knows? Of course, they are doing all they can to save it and trying a 
bypass I believe this week.
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