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[IPk] Re: explaining diabetes to children

Hi Sammy
No big deal, I doubt very much you'll scare any of the children!
Just tell them you have an illness called diabetes (and you can bet half 
of them will have a friend or relative with it) and you have to check 
your blood sugar levels every few hours to make sure you have the right 
amount of insulin in your body. Then depending on their questions you 
can ask further or not.

You can even make it into a game when you test: "guess what my blood 
sugar is" and tell them it will be a number within a certain range (e.g. 
2-20). I play that game with my softball team frequently when we're on 
tour - the person who guesses nearest the actual result wins a prize of 
a sweet or something stupid! They get incredibly competitive about it 
and are always asking me to test so they can play the game! This won't 
apply so much to your kids, but it's great with my team because they all 
take an interest and actually learn a lot - once they get used to the 
game they start quizzing me about what I ate or drank recently and how 
much I've been running around and what my last reading was and so on, 
before they make a guess as to the reading!

On 13/07/2011 18:33, email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi,
>   I'm working in a school at the moment and starting teacher training in
> September
 > and realised today, whilst checking my sugars and being questioned by a 6
 > old, that I still haven't found a good way of explaining to a young child
> diabetes is.
> I want to be able to explain what it is properly and say why I have to make
 > myself bleed sometimes without scaring them which is what I'm always
> I'm going to do. I've managed to explain it to my nephew who's 3, but he's at
> the sort of age where I can just say it's to stop me being poorly and then
 > distract him by letting him press the button on the finger pricker, but
> no way I'm letting 30 kids stab me! (ouch!)
> I'm sure there's plenty of you who've had to explain it to children at some
 > point so if you have any tips/found a really good way of explaining it then
> really appreciate the help.
> Thanks
> Sammy
> .
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