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RE: [IPk] High A1C was [Re: ip-uk-digest V4 #133]

 Nadine here. I also test about 10 times a day - I am glad to have found
someone else who does. I have worked out my own ratio to handle myself and do
agree that different factors affect a person and then from person to person,
things are different, so it is hard. Nadine
 > Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2011 10:48:45 +0100
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IPk] High A1C was [Re: ip-uk-digest V4 #133]
> To: email @ redacted
> Hi Tricia,
> Glad you have somewhere to start from.  A couple of things, I find that it
> helps to think of the diabetic readings and results as moving ratios - I
> believe that there is a fixed value for anything.  Sometimes you will need
> more insulin, sometimes less depending on a large amount of variables, e.g
> you are 10 it may take 1u to bring you down to 7, but if you are 7 it may
> take .6u to bring you down the 3 to 4. (It is common to have more insulin
> resistance at higher values so you need more to have the same effect)
> That is why it is so good being on a pump so that we can adjust basal for
> different times of the day, and more precisely control amounts if insulin
> other than the standard .5/1u of pens.
> If you are going to go to bed lower, one thing that will help is if you try
> make sure your last meal is as far away from bedtime as you can.  I try to
> make sure to leave 4-5 hrs so that all the bolus from it has acted, as I
> often have large drops at 4-5 hrs.  This will also make it safer as
> if you do go low it will be a slower affair rather than a very fast drop.
> What are you aiming for? it would help to know where you want to be, and
> what your usual routine is and what you have tried.  A1C can be anything
> want it to be (providing you don't have other complications/conditions),
> the lower you go the more effort you will have to put in to achieve it.  It
> totally up to you, but the driver for me is that every 1% reduction in A1C
> cuts the risk of complications by 40%!
> I usually test about 10x a day as I don't have leeway for a large swing
> tight control, and I don't want to loose my hypo awareness.
> Iain
> T1 Essex, UK
> MM515 pump
> Current A1C Feb 11 5.7
> http://www.insulindependence.org
> --- On Thu, 7/7/11, J Barker <email @ redacted> wrote:
> High HBA1c
> iMelissa, Iain and Nanette
> Thanks a million.  I have only visited this site for about 3 weeks and have
> learnt loads.  Today I am at home all day and have taken my usual
> breakfast.  Was 5.6 at lunch time.   Ate M &S meal and will do the same for
> the rest of the day.  No snacks.
> I think Iain's idea of going to bed on a lower bg is a good start. (if I am
> brave enough)   Last night I went to bed on 5.6 and topped it up to what I
> thought was 18g =  +3.points,  that should have raised me to 8.6. if it was
> daytime..    It actually raised me by 3am to  11.3 and 9.9 at breakfast.
> you say, I have been high for many hours.  Your tips are so helpful as I
> thought a reasonable breakfast reading was sufficient.
> I don't know what FPG means but think PPg is often too  high.
> I will take these two steps and review.   i.e. lower at bedtime and
> commercial carb. counted meals all day.  I did read last week or so that
> packages aren't always 100% correct in their carb count, but it is a start.
> AS I am newish to type 1 and pumping I suppose I have a lot to learn.   I
> feel exceptionally well most of the time.  Better than for the few years
> before when I had lots of niggly things.
> thanks again
> Tricia
> .
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