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Re: High HbA1c was [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V4 #133

Hi Tricia,

just to complicate things further, commercial carb values of
complicated foods are not known for great accuracy, so expect that
this could be a source of variation too - be prepared to check BG and
correct if necessary 2-3 hours after the meal.


On 7 July 2011 18:08, J Barker <email @ redacted> wrote:
> High HBA1c
> iMelissa, Iain and Nanette
> Thanks a million.  I have only visited this site for about 3 weeks and have
> learnt loads.  Today I am at home all day and have taken my usual
> breakfast.  Was 5.6 at lunch time.   Ate M &S meal and will do the same for
> the rest of the day.  No snacks.
> I think Iain's idea of going to bed on a lower bg is a good start. (if I am
> brave enough)   Last night I went to bed on 5.6 and topped it up to what I
> thought was 18g =  +3.points,  that should have raised me to 8.6. if it was
> daytime..    It actually raised me by 3am to  11.3 and 9.9 at breakfast.  As
> you say, I have been high for many hours.  Your tips are so helpful as I had
> thought a reasonable breakfast reading was sufficient.
> I don't know what FPG means but think PPg is often too  high.
> I will take these two steps and review.   i.e. lower at bedtime and
> commercial carb. counted meals all day.  I did read last week or so that
> packages aren't always 100% correct in their carb count, but it is a start.
> AS I am newish to type 1 and pumping I suppose I have a lot to learn.   I do
> feel exceptionally well most of the time.  Better than for the few years
> before when I had lots of niggly things.
> thanks again
> Tricia
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