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Subject: [IPk] Veo reliability?

Hi Jackie,

 i was surprised with my experience which is why i emailed the list. I didn't
expect to see such short time between failures for a device that must have had
extensive testing before being released to the patients. As for the CGMs factor
... given that the device is mainly software you can never know how it will
behave and what random interactions it may exhibit. ideally the device should
have been proven correct before releasing it to us but software is software...

who knows, perhaps i had some of the original 2009 pumps that kept failing :)

 as for the cgms... sadly, i am self-funding which is an expensive hobby as most
people will know. i see that the new sensors are even more expensive which will
just add to the fun. i wonder if medtronics will have some discount for people
to switch over. they should at least run some sort of a loyalty programme. there
i go again, daydreaming.


"Jackie Jacombs" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi Dan
> There were some initial problems with the Veo and quite a few parents on the
> UKCWD list had to have replacement pumps.  One parent has had more than 5
> replaced another has has 4.  However this is unsual, obviously.  Most of the
> problems were occurring just after the Veo was released  2009 but since then
> there have not been so many parents reporting an issue with this pump.  My
> daughter has used Medtronic pumps for 7 years and during that time we have
> only had one go wrong.  The pumps which were replaced all had motor error
> issues.  I dont know why there appears to have been more problems with the
> Veo than the previous model of pumps.  A number of parents are using full
> time CGMs but I am not sure why this would have any bearing on the motor
> error problem.
> Do you have funding for sensors? Or are you self funding?
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