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Re: [IPk] Veo reliability?

As with anything, I think some people are just unlucky. I've had Minimed 
pumps for 12 years (on my 3rd one now) and only had one problem (where I 
had to take out and reinsert the battery every time I wanted to bolus) - 
which was resolved by them sending me a temporary replacement pump the 
next day and then fixing my broken pump and sending it back to me. I 
don't think any make or model of pump is more or less reliable than any 
other, to be honest.

n 07/07/2011 10:31, Iain Jenkins wrote:
> Hi Dan,
 > I don't have a veo, but on both my MM515's if I get a motor error it is
> due to the cannula,  I find a change will sort it.  I only ever had one
> instance where I had to change the reservoir to fix it, but that was on a
> reservoir I had been using non stop for nearly a year!
> Sounds like you are very unlucky if you have had that many problems with MM -
> both mine have had none at all for the 2 years I have had them, and the first
 > was a battered c2006 2nd hand one from the US that I got myself before the
> would fund me.
> With every good wish,
> Iain.
> --- On Thu, 7/7/11, Daniel Kustrin<email @ redacted>  wrote:
> I would be interested to know if anyone else been having reliability problems
> with Veos...
> I have been on Veo since Aug last year and i am now on my third one. The
> first
> one got replaced because it kept producing "motor errors" (at one point
> almost
> daily) and the second one because of two A52 errors (software safety check, i
> think). A friend of mine has recently been switched over to Veo and he too
> has
> been having "motor errors". The only (possibly) unusual factor is that both
> of
> us are on CGM 24/7.
> Has anyone else been having problems with Veos? Since i am new to pumping i
> also have to ask ... is this a normal level of reliability for a pump or have
> i just been unlucky?
> thank you!
> dan
> .
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