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Re: [IPk] Veo reliability?

I haven't ever used a Veo, but to answer your more general question
about pump reliability, I have been using a pump for almost 13 years
and have never had to change a pump because of errors or reliability
issues. I suspect you will find a spectrum of experiences on this
list, including just a few people who have had as many problems as you
or more, and some (not so few) who have had no such problems like me,
and many in the middle who have had a very occasional problem. Wait
and see what other people answer, but it may be specifically those
people who have also had problems who will write in - so not an
unbiased sample!
Best of luck sorting it all out.

On 7 July 2011 12:18, Daniel Kustrin <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I would be interested to know if anyone else been having reliability problems
> with Veos...
 > I have been on Veo since Aug last year and i am now on my third one. The
 > one got replaced because it kept producing "motor errors" (at one point
> daily) and the second one because of two A52 errors (software safety check, i
 > think). A friend of mine has recently been switched over to Veo and he too
 > been having "motor errors". The only (possibly) unusual factor is that both
> us are on CGM 24/7.
> Has anyone else been having problems with Veos? Since i am new to pumping i
> also have to ask ... is this a normal level of reliability for a pump or have
> i just been unlucky?
> thank you!
> dan
> .
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