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Re: [IPk] High A1C was [Re: ip-uk-digest V4 #132]

Hi Tricia,

Have you had problems with overnight hypos - if I was 8-9 before bed I would
probably be correcting to get down some more to 5 or so!  This may be where
your A1C is being raised, as even if you stay at 7 all night that is (assuming
8 hr period from 2300-0700) going to give an A1C of 8.6 for that 1/3 of each
day from Melissa's chart ref....

With every good wish,

T1 Essex, UK.
minimed 515 pump
Current A1C February 2011 5.7.

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--- On Wed, 6/7/11, J Barker <email @ redacted> wrote:
High HBA1c

I am going to digest the info from Melissa and Iain.  thanks.

Over night seems very good. usually.  Although yesterday evening I had
dauphinoise potato and calculated from Carb and Cals book and weighed  the
portion.  Rest of the meal, i.e. quiche was from a packet was  counted.
Went to bed on 26.0 !! with pump corrections woke on 4.7. this morning.
Felt like a zombie.  Some evenings, I have to eat before I go to bed to
reach  8 or 9 bg level.

Today I started a body balance class at 6.9 and turned off the pump.   4.8
after.  Then ate an apple and cereal bar, took 3 units instead of 4 and an
hour or two later was 2.6.  Can't be doing me any good.

Most days I write down food, weight and carb count, insulin and
correction.   On a day I do almost nothing, my levels are  usually good.

I am beginning to think that I am very sensitive to some foods and will need
to start a list.

Thanks for the encouragement.  Diabetic GP just said it was too high with no

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