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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V4 #131

Hi J,

I would say have a close look at your overnight readings - after all it is
about  third of the day, and if you are high while you sleep it will
significantly affect your A1C.  It should also be the easiest to adjust for
since usually we don't eat or bolus then!

How are your readings usually? are they good and that is why you are surprised
at the A1C being so high?  Have you tried keeping a very detailed log for a
couple of weeks - some things can sometimes become apparent that you don't
notice as you go along...

With every good wish,

T1 Essex, UK.
minimed 515 pump
Current A1C February 2011 5.7.

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--- On Tue, 5/7/11, J Barker <email @ redacted> wrote:
High HBA1c test

   I only got type 1,  3 years ago after a GAD blood test at the age of 65.
 Original test  was 10.1  Today it has only dropped to 8.9 with a pump.  I
was having pump trouble to start with  a year ago.  I expected this  new
pump regime to be much lower.
Any tips?   I do a lot of sport which gives fluctuating bg's.  Sometimes it
spikes for no apparent reason after a careful carb. counted meal.   I don't
eat pasta which I know causes trouble. Should I be aiming for  higher
steadier levels or try to keep under 6 say,  with lots of fluctuations,.
 I have set the pump to average 5.3.
Any ideas.how to get this HBA1c down?
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