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Re: [IPk] Query re mega bloating

Hi Rhoda

The first thing that popped into my head when you mentioned the
bloating in several locations was congestive heart failure. I do hope
that's not what it is, but it should be investigated especially if you
have any of the other symptoms:

A GP may think of CHF for a type 2 more readily than he or she would
look for it in a type 1, but it can happen in type 1s.

Take care
let us know how you get on


On Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 9:18 AM, Rhoda Martin <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Last month I had a urine test as I had pain in the kidney area at the LHS
> but it came back clear.  So maybe a blood test is needed as pain comes and
> goes there?
> Also what are the possible serious stuff both of you (Iain and Melissa are
> alluding to?)  I like to know so as to be able to ask informed questions.
> Just Googled "abdominal bloating" and noticed carbonated drinks
> contra-indicated especially since I have IBS.  Idjit that I am!  I'll cut
> that out and see what happens.  Only drink diet lemonade and tend to add
> lemon to it to get rid of the carbonation.
> I'll try that for 24 hours before heading for GP.
> I hate going to the GP as, having so many things wrong with me, it's hard to
> get a handle on what is important and what isn't!
> Thursday is the day they do blood tests otherwise I have to trog off to a
> hospital either 10 or 13 miles away and Thursday am the car is in for
> service so I guess it's go to the doc, get a script for a test (maybe) and
> off to the hospital.  The pleasures of living in the sticks <G>
> Having said that I've had 2 young greater spotted woodpeckers feeding on fat
> balls only inches from my living room window so that is the up-side.  Even
> managed some decent photos.
> Thanks Babs, Iain and Melissa.
> Rhoda
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