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RE: [IPk] Query re mega bloating

Hi Rhoda

My dad is also IDDM and he recently started suffering with bloating
around the middle and the feet.  Gp prescribed water tablets but they
didn't really do much good so he was sent for a load of tests and they
came back with a slightly leaky heart valve.  They have said he doesn't
need and any treatment so guess he will just have to put up with swollen
tummy and fat ankles.

Definitely worth getting checked out



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Last month I had a urine test as I had pain in the kidney area at the
but it came back clear.  So maybe a blood test is needed as pain comes
goes there?

Also what are the possible serious stuff both of you (Iain and Melissa
alluding to?)  I like to know so as to be able to ask informed

Just Googled "abdominal bloating" and noticed carbonated drinks
contra-indicated especially since I have IBS.  Idjit that I am!  I'll
that out and see what happens.  Only drink diet lemonade and tend to add
lemon to it to get rid of the carbonation. 

I'll try that for 24 hours before heading for GP.

I hate going to the GP as, having so many things wrong with me, it's
hard to
get a handle on what is important and what isn't!

Thursday is the day they do blood tests otherwise I have to trog off to
hospital either 10 or 13 miles away and Thursday am the car is in for
service so I guess it's go to the doc, get a script for a test (maybe)
off to the hospital.  The pleasures of living in the sticks <G>

Having said that I've had 2 young greater spotted woodpeckers feeding on
balls only inches from my living room window so that is the up-side.
managed some decent photos.

Thanks Babs, Iain and Melissa.


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Subject: Re: [IPk] Query re mega bloating

Hi Rhoda

Iain's suggestion to see your GP is sensible. It could be the weather
or it could be any number of other things, some of them potentially
very dangerous.

Take care


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