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Re: [IPk] Type 1 v Type 2

Hi Diane,

It certainly seems odd that this new doctor suddenly took it into his
head to question the diagnosis of type 1, but presumably the tests
(probably anti-GAD antibodies and c-peptide which measure antibodies
characteristically present in type 1 and not type 2, and presence or
absence of residual insulin production) will confirm that it is type
1, and that will be that. It is annoying and probably a waste of your
time, and I thought the NHS was trying to cut back on unnecessary
tests not to do more, but once you have the tests done you will be
able to quote the results to any doubting doctors in the future.

I also have a family history including both type 1 and type 2, and
confused matters further by developing diabetes at the ripe old age of
48, but I was deeply into ketoacidosis at the time, and shortly after
the diagnosis was tested for anti-GAD antibodies, which confirmed the
diagnosis of type 1. Apart from occasional ignorant doctors who tell
me that I must be mistaken and anyone who gets diabetes at age 48 must
have type 2, no one serious has ever questioned the diagnosis in my

Best of luck with the tests

On 4 July 2011 17:12, Diane Silva <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was diagnosed 15 years ago with  Type 1 diabetes ( I was 14) at Joslin in
> Boston, which is one of the world's top diabetes research hospitals.  Both
> Type 1 (my cousin and uncle) and Type 2 ( my father and grandfather)diabetes
> run in my family, but this never seemed to confuse my doctors, until my last
> appointment.  I just switched to UCL, and the doctor I met with (who couldn't
 > even give me advice on a problem I was having with my infusion sites - told
> to talk to the nurse) has decided that I must be a Type 2, based on the fact
> that there are Type 2 diabetics in my family and I did not develop
> ketoacidosis when I was diagnosed (because my family recognized the signs and
> tested my blood sugar before it reached that point).  He now wants me to go
> for tests to see if I am a Type 2 diabetic.  Has anyone ever had this happen
> to them?  Should I be worried?
> Thanks,
> Diane
> .
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