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Re: [IPk] Type 1 v Type 2

Hi Diane

It is possible that your doctor is considering MODY (mature onset diabetes 
of the young).  This goes back to days gone by when it was automatically 
considered if you were under 40 you must have type 1 diabetes and if you 
were over 40 you must have type 2 diabetes.  Doctors realised some young 
people were mis diagnosed and they had MODY and not type 1 diabetes.  No 
ketoacidosis and family members with diabetes are listed as two of the 
symptoms of MODY which may have caused concern for your doctor.  There is 
plenty of information on the web if you google "MODY" and some sites with 
information are:




I hope this helps.


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From: "Diane Silva" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Monday, July 04, 2011 3:12 PM
Subject: [IPk] Type 1 v Type 2

> Hi,
> I was diagnosed 15 years ago with  Type 1 diabetes ( I was 14) at Joslin 
> in
> Boston, which is one of the world's top diabetes research hospitals.  Both
> Type 1 (my cousin and uncle) and Type 2 ( my father and 
> grandfather)diabetes
> run in my family, but this never seemed to confuse my doctors, until my 
> last
> appointment.  I just switched to UCL, and the doctor I met with (who 
> couldn't
> even give me advice on a problem I was having with my infusion sites - 
> told me
> to talk to the nurse) has decided that I must be a Type 2, based on the 
> fact
> that there are Type 2 diabetics in my family and I did not develop
> ketoacidosis when I was diagnosed (because my family recognized the signs 
> and
> tested my blood sugar before it reached that point).  He now wants me to 
> go
> for tests to see if I am a Type 2 diabetic.  Has anyone ever had this 
> happen
> to them?  Should I be worried?
> Thanks,
> Diane
> .
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