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Re: [IPk] Type 1 v Type 2

*Hello Diane;

 I started out at age 41 diagnose with Type 2
  2005 when I relocated to GTA,Ont I had special blood test done that showed I
had Type 1*
 *and put on an insulin pump
 I am not sure what you are asking specifically ?

 Ernest (Toronto)*
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From: Diane Silva
Sent: 07/04/11 10:12 AM
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Subject: [IPk] Type 1 v Type 2

  Hi, I was diagnosed 15 years ago with Type 1 diabetes ( I was 14) at Joslin in
Boston, which is one of the world's top diabetes research hospitals. Both Type 1
(my cousin and uncle) and Type 2 ( my father and grandfather)diabetes run in my
family, but this never seemed to confuse my doctors, until my last appointment.
I just switched to UCL, and the doctor I met with (who couldn't even give me
advice on a problem I was having with my infusion sites - told me to talk to the
nurse) has decided that I must be a Type 2, based on the fact that there are
Type 2 diabetics in my family and I did not develop ketoacidosis when I was
diagnosed (because my family recognized the signs and tested my blood sugar
before it reached that point). He now wants me to go for tests to see if I am a
Type 2 diabetic. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Should I be worried?
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