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RE: [IPk] Type 1 v Type 2

Hi Diane

My daughter who was four when she was diagnosed was clearly type 1 and she
did not have ketones at diagnosis.  I recognised the signs (school friend
was diagnosed) and took a urine sample to the GPs.  Then on the hospital
insulin etc etc.  I run an email support list for UK parents of children
with diabetes and although unfortunately, it's all too common for children
to be in DKA before the correct diagnosis is made, equally there are
children whose parents or GPs have picked up the diagnoisis quickly and the
children have not had ketones at diagnosis, but this doesn't mean that
someone does not have type 1.

I would think that type 2 would be pretty unlikely if Joslin made the

Recently there has been an article suggesting that a number of people have
been diagnosed wrongly as having type 1 or 2.  I wonder if this is why the
nurse bought this up?.  

Is there any other reason why the type 1 diagnosis would be questioned?  Do
you have a lot of insulin resistance etc?

I am curious to know what tests have been suggested.

This was the recent article that might have set the nurse questioning.



Kind regards
Jackie J

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I was diagnosed 15 years ago with  Type 1 diabetes ( I was 14) at Joslin in
Boston, which is one of the world's top diabetes research hospitals.  Both
Type 1 (my cousin and uncle) and Type 2 ( my father and grandfather)diabetes
run in my family, but this never seemed to confuse my doctors, until my last
appointment.  I just switched to UCL, and the doctor I met with (who
even give me advice on a problem I was having with my infusion sites - told
to talk to the nurse) has decided that I must be a Type 2, based on the fact
that there are Type 2 diabetics in my family and I did not develop
ketoacidosis when I was diagnosed (because my family recognized the signs
tested my blood sugar before it reached that point).  He now wants me to go
for tests to see if I am a Type 2 diabetic.  Has anyone ever had this happen
to them?  Should I be worried?
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