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RE: [IPk] Type 1 v Type 2

Seems like the doc may be confused, Diane.

The new interim consultant at my DM clinic said that although I was dxed as
Type 2, she now classifies me as Type 1 - on pump is it 8 years? - pancreas
wiped out - allegedly according to her.  No tests done to prove it either

What the heck, I've lived and managed it as Type 2 going on weird for so
many years I don't bother with the label but manage it as ever.  

Sounds as though your doc latched on to only part of your story... A couple
of blood tests and you'll no doubt be back on his books as Type 1...

Bit of a glitch but as long as you continue to manage your dm (regardless of
label) as you have over the last 15 years and I would go on the Joslin dx
until proved otherwise...

Ah the joys of seeing different docs!

Don't worry about it, Diane, that will only introduce all sorts of yukky
cortisols etc  into the picture which you don't need.  

Hope it gets sorted out very quickly.

Best wishes


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I was diagnosed 15 years ago with  Type 1 diabetes ( I was 14) at Joslin in
Boston, which is one of the world's top diabetes research hospitals.  Both
Type 1 (my cousin and uncle) and Type 2 ( my father and grandfather)diabetes
run in my family, but this never seemed to confuse my doctors, until my last
appointment.  I just switched to UCL, and the doctor I met with (who
even give me advice on a problem I was having with my infusion sites - told
to talk to the nurse) has decided that I must be a Type 2, based on the fact
that there are Type 2 diabetics in my family and I did not develop
ketoacidosis when I was diagnosed (because my family recognized the signs
tested my blood sugar before it reached that point).  He now wants me to go
for tests to see if I am a Type 2 diabetic.  Has anyone ever had this happen
to them?  Should I be worried?
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