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RE: [IPk] airports and pumps

It's safe to wear the pump through the scanner. I usually inform them before
I go through (and about needles in hand luggage etc.) Others on the list
Make sure you have supplies in two bags in case you lose one.
Don't hand the pump over on the aircraft-they don't seem to ask this any
more anyway. But refuse if they do!

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Subject: Re: [IPk] airports and pumps

 Insulin safe to carry hand luggage and through scanner. - re pump _not
taken mine away yet_prefer a pump free holiday.
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Subject: [IPk] airports and pumps

I wonder if anyone could advise me on what to do when travelling to spain
with my insulin pump.  I will be flying from Manchester, they have
bodyscanners but im unsure if i should keep my pump on or not.  Is insulin
safe to go through the luggage scanners.  I do have a doctors letter but
would really appreciate any info on which machines the pump and insulin can
and cannot go through safely Many Thanks Mel

> Subject: Re: [IPk] New baby
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> Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 16:27:15 +0000
> Hi Kerrie
> Many good wishes for you and your family and such a lovely little 
> bundle
> well.. Great that you managed the pump between you and the confidence 
> you
had to
> go through what you did is marvellous. My sister had a section 2 weeks 
> ago
> she said the surgeon was a laugh a minute.
> Babs x
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> Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 09:09:42
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> Subject: [IPk] New baby
> Just wanted to share my good news and the progress my local hospital 
> has
> in relation to pump users!
> After a long 4 days of induction of labour that failed, my son Aaron 
> James
> born by C-section on 12th June weighing 8lb 5oz. He is doing really 
> well
> had
> no problems with his blood sugars at birth. The great thing for me was 
> the anaesthetist allowed me to continue with my pump in theatre rather 
> than
> me on a sliding scale as they would normally do as they don't 
> understand
> about pumps! They allowed me and my husband to manage my diabetes and 
> we decided as my BM was 4.5 before surgery to suspend my pump so as 
> not to risk hypo.
> reconnected in recovery about 1hr later and BM was 6.7!
> I am now getting used to breast feeding again and how little insulin I 
> seem
> need because of it!
> Kerrie
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