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RE: [IPk] Non delivery

I use the 722 with quicksets and have never pre-lubed the reservoirs. Never
had a problem with them, so I've never needed to.


type 1 10 years, pumping 3 years.

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relatively new to pumping and have never heard about lubricating> reservoirs.?
Should I be doing this?? I use the Medtronic 522 pump.?> > I did get delivery
problems with Quicksets every time I had them in my abdomen,> it worked
during?priming when disconnected,?so I knew it was the site. Strangely> enough
Quicksets were?ok in my leg.? I have since started using Silhouettes> and?have
not had a single problem.? They feel better as well.??> > Anna> > >
-----Original Message-----> From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>>
To: email @ redacted> Sent: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 12:59 pm> Subject: Re:
[IPk] Non delivery> > > Ray, are you using QuickSets? These have notorious
problems with no delivery> alarms (though some people do get on fine with
them).?> First thing to check is whether it's a site issue or a pump/reservoir
issue.?> Prime when disconnected and see if you still get the alarm, to check
this.?> If it's a site issue, and you're using QuickSets, try something else
(eg> Silhouettes). It's unlikely to be a pump issue but it is possible. Also
check> your reservoirs are in date and you're lubricating them properly
first.?> Di?> ?> Su Chadda wrote:?> > Ray?> >?> > I have had this a couple of
times. The first time I had to return my > pump.> The last time it happened -
I changed the set and took the > batteries out?> > and it was ok.?> >?> > Su?>
> Pumper Since 2005?> >?> > ----- Original Message ----- From: "Ray Jordan"
<email @ redacted>?> > To: <email @ redacted>?> > Sent:
Thursday, July 31, 2008 12:02 PM?> > Subject: [IPk] Non delivery?> >?> >?> >>
Hi all, has anyone had trouble with their pump regarding non delivery if?> >>
so what did you do to solve the problem ?.?> >> I have been experiencing this
problem just lately; it is a nuisance?> >> especially when it occurs during
the night.?> >>?> >> Ray Jordan pumper since Jan 2004?> >> .?> > .?> ?> .>
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