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Re: [IPk] cannula nightmares

Hi there, are you definitely using the 13mm silhouettes? When i first  
started with them my DSN gave me the 17mm ones - the 13mm ones are  
definitely less awkward for me...

I have weeks when i feel really happy with them - every insert goes  
smoothly, then i seem to have phases of hitting bad patches and  
feeling uncomfortable... I know how much difference getting the right  
insertion means to how good/bad you feel about the pump...

Are you hitting muscle? Could you alter the angle of insert?


On 30 Jul 2008, at 21:30, emily jost wrote:
> Thanks Clare,
> I'm glad to know it's not just me, and that you found a solution.  
> I've felt
> like giving up but can't face going back to MDI either - rock and a  
> hard
> place.
> Thanks for the advice.  Unfortunately I don't think I can use my  
> thighs due to
> historical lipodystrophy  and meralgia paraesthetica (nerve damage  
> due to
> compression) - but maybe there'll be somewhere else...
> The silhouettes seem to get insulin into me, so far, but they hurt  
> and are
> disturbing my sleep and restricting my movements - plus causing  
> anxiety as I
> don't think they should hurt - so I don't think it's a solutuion.
> I'd still appreciate info about the metal cannulas if anyone has any  
> advice.
> thanks,
> Emily
>> From: email @ redacted
>> Subject: Re: [IPk] cannula nightmares
>> Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 20:25:59 +0100
>> To: email @ redacted
>> Hi Emily,
>> I had exactly the same experience as you and was very stressed at the
>> time like you are.  I've been on the Paradigm 522 for nearly a year
>> now, but found that by only using the top front of my thighs to
>> insert this has solved the problems I was having.  My problems seemed
>> to be with the upper part of my body (particularly the tummy area)
>> and cannulas were either bent on insertion or I just simply couldn't
>> get the insulin into me.  I forever had "no delivery" alarms and
>> never knew what was happening.  Some people say that using the top
>> area of the thigh is a nuisance as you have to be a bit careful not
>> to pull the thing out when changing or going to the loo, but because
>> I now always use this area I am used to it and it really isn't a
>> problem.
>> Might be worth a try Emily, and don't give up as I am sure you will
>> sort something out that suits you, but it is very stressful I know.
>> I went through a very difficult time with it all, but now I very
>> rarely have a problem with this.  I did get to the point when I just
>> didn't know what to do and was ready to give it up, but eventually
>> found out what suited my body.  I use the 9mm teflon quick-set  
>> cannulas.
>> Keep trying Emily and I am sure you will find a resolution to this
>> and best of luck to you.
>> Best wishes, Clare
>> (Type 1 for 38 years, Paradigm 522, pumping 11 months)
>>> Hi,
>>> I have been on a medtronic paradign 522 for about 6 weeks and while
>>> getting to
>>> grips quite well with most things, have had a lot of problems with
>>> cannulas.
>>> I'd really appreciate some advice from experienced pumpers who've
>>> dealt with
>>> similar.
>>> I've been using the quick-set teflon cannulas, 6mm and 9mm, and
>>> have had many.
>>> many bent cannulas and no delivery alarms.  I'm sure it must happen
>>> occasionally with all sets, but this has been ridiculous and has
>>> caused a lot
>>> of anxiety, ruined weekends, days off sick etc and I've had
>>> enough!  I've just
>>> tried the silhouette and although it seems to be working, is very
>>> red and
>>> uncomfortable and I hated putting it in.  I'm now dreading
>>> toomorrow's set
>>> change ( I never felt like this with the quick-set).
>>> Should I stick with the silhouette until I get used to it, or would
>>> metal
>>> cannulas be better?  I'm using my upper abdomen and sides and have
>>> a fairly
>>> well-padded build.  All the cannulas I've used have left red marks  
>>> and
>>> slightly hardened skin, which i'm not overjoyed about either.
>>> Any advice at all gratefully received.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Emily
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