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RE: [IPk] Bayer Contour Link v Accu-chek Compact - for Nigel

Hi Nigel:


The carousel on the Breeze 2 is entirely mechanical. You pull on a lever to
move it around one place - it makes a sort of kerchunk noise, but I haven't
found it to be intrusively loud. I suspect that unlike a whirring sound, it
wouldn't be noticed at a restaurant for example. As pointed out in another
post, the sensors are quite small, not a problem in use but the used ones do
tend to find their way onto the floor, or into the centre trays of my car
(to the annoyance of my wife).  Very occasionally a sensor will jam, but you
can simply open up the back and remove it - no big deal.


As you say, unlike the Contour, the Breeze doesn't communicate with a
Paradigm pump.  I had considered the possibility of getting a Contour.
However, I only started pumping last week, which means 16 tests per day
every day  (including two in the middle of the night) whilst I try to get my
crazy basals sorted. My clinic did provide me with an Optium meter (which
also does ketones), but using that a couple of times convinced me that
tearing open strips and then disposing of all the waste, was a huge hassle
compared with using the Breeze (especially at 3 am), so at present I intend
to stick with the Breeze and forego the advantages of communication with the


Another advantage of Bayer meters is that they come with a superb program,
Winglucofacts, so you can download all your data to a PC. It gives you all
the views you get with Carelink (minus the pump data obviously), plus a
whole lot more.  The software is free and Bayer will also send you a free
download cable to link via a serial port.


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