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RE: [IPk] Forgetting injections

Hi Mary

Undoubtedly its true that there are lots of people with diabetes who find it
very difficult to manage.
 Even people who are doing well and are motivated and happy, find it very hard
 times. Also, knowing what one has to do, isn't the same as being able to summon
up the energy and emotional reserves  needed to carry out all those relentless
diabetes tasks.  One can never have a "break" from diabetes.  Its always there.
Maybe for some, people the idea of the old fashioned prescriptive method of the
doctor "telling" them what to do helps.   Some people may react much better to
this way of managing the condition.  If they were just left to "get on with it"
without support and "orders"  and some "nagging" they may drift off course very

 However, for those who find control difficult ,despite trying hard, the last
 thing they want is someone making them feel they are a failure or incompetent
that they are being "non compliant".

People who use lists like these are probably very motivated to help themselves
and would not welcome being told what to do.  Good consultants and DSNs find a

The internet is a great leveller when it comes to healthcare these days.  There
are plenty of patients who know more about their medical condition that the
average doctor.  We have to become experts ourselves, but we still need the
support of good diabetes specialists and lists like these are also invaluable.
Whatever would we do without the internet!?

I am glad to hear that you seem to have made some progress with your DSNs

You email carries a sense of calm assuredness which I haven't sensed before.

Best wishes

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> Subject: [IPk] Forgetting injections
> Heard some interesting stuff today about why some diabetes teams like to
> keep absolute control over what their patients do.
> Apparently there is a very fast growing groups of diabetics who miss
> injections regularly and generally don't manage their condition that well.
> The consultants apparently deal with this by exerting total control over
> dosages. I was even told that some of the patients who mismanage their
> condition have been put on pumps as this has been considered the only way to
> save their lives. I have noticed my own personal situation has improved
> since I challenged my DSN to let me get on with things myself as I knew my
> body and its signals better than she ever would. I wondered if this was one
> of the reason for all the control freakishness I was experiencing with my
> diabetes team.
> The information came from a very authoritative source and I just wondered if
> anyone had heard of anything similar.
> Mary Moody
> .

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