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Re: [IPk] Bayer Contour Link v Accu-chek Compact

Hi Jackie
That makes sense - the old ones did used to jam more I think also. You 
do have to be quite careful handling them I think. I can see what you 
mean about having lots of meters on the go, I only ever use one at a 
time and carry it everywhere, and I always have a spare disk with me in 
my "emergency kit" as well as usually at least one spare disk in every 
bag I use! So I pretty much never run out of strips. If in doubt I just 
turn the meter on to check how many strips are left! Although I can see 
that shaking the tube is easier!
I keep thinking about switching to a smaller faster meter but I can't 
get beyond the hassle (for me) of carrying around  a pot of strips and 
having to insert them myself! Especially as I often test on the go and 
with one hand!
Jackie Jacombs wrote:
> Hi Di
 > Probably some incompetence on my part. We always seem to have problems with
> tiny spiky strips .  We used to get a lot of failures and wasted "strips" and
>  the thing used to regularly jam and in trying to get to a new strip we would
> end
> up wasting more.  I didn't like size either.  Though of course if you have a
> small meter  AND a tube of strips they no doubt take up as much space in the
> end.
> In the end we went back to the other meters.
 > I was also worried that Sasha might grab a meter which was almost out of
 > and take it out with her. Now she or I can pick up a meter case give it a
> and you can hear how many strips are in there without even looking.  Honest!
 > Sasha can tell how many strips are left by giving the case a quick shake plus
> or
> minus a few strips.   Of course she checks if in doubt.
> We have several meters "on the go" so she will grab the one with the most
> strips.
> Of course its a personal thing and I know lots of people who like the disc
> meters so I thought I might be in the minority who dont get on with them.
> Jackie
>> What don't you like about them?
>> Di
>> Jackie Jacombs wrote:
>>  > Am I the only one who doesnt really like the disc meters and prefers the
>> meters
>>> with strips.  We couldn't get on with one we had some years ago.
>> Perhaps the
>>> new ones are better?!
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