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Re: [IPk] blocked Cleo 90s

Hi Diana,

Thanks for your reply. It's definitely a tubing problem. When disconnected I 
tried to prime and it alarmed straight away. I connected new tubing and 
reconnected the old site (removed from Tim) and primed this and the insulin 
came straight through.
I hadn't thought about it being a cartridge problem. I always lubricate well 
before use! When using the Inset IIs we haven't had any problems so it looks 
like we'll have to go back to them. It's a shame 'cos we both like the 
Cleo's and they are the only set that Tim can do himself.

Thanks again,
Kirsten, mum to Tim aged 7, dx Oct 2003, Cozmo Dec 2005

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From: "Diana Maynard" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 10:22 AM
Subject: Re: [IPk] blocked Cleo 90s
> Hi Kirsten
> The first thing to do with no delivery alarms is to find out whether it's 
> a problem with the site or the reservoir/tubing. Disconnect and prime - if 
> the delivery is fine then it's a problem with the site. If you still get 
> problems, there's an issue with the reservoir or tubing. If the latter, 
> check you are lubricating the reservoir properly before filling and that 
> the reservoirs are in date, try another batch of reservoirs if possible. 
> If the former, are you inserting in a different site from usual? CHeck 
> your technique also for insertion. You might find that changing set type 
> solves the problem otherwise. Some people just don't get on with certain 
> sets. As for what to do when only half the bolus goes through, I check the 
> history to see how much it claims has gone through, and then subtract a 
> couple of tenths of a unit as it usually takes a few tenths for the alarm 
> to kick in.
> Good luck
> Di
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