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Re: [IPk] Bayer Contour Link v Accu-chek Compact

I agree, which is why I'm still using the Bayer Esprit 2 (forerunner of 
the Breeze). Almost identical except smaller. It might take 30 seconds 
but you save all the time of getting the test strips out, so total 
testing time is about the same (and you can be doing something else 
while waiting for the countdown). I can't see why they had to make the 
Breeze so clunky though, it's way bigger than the Esprit. They don't 
make the Esprit any more, but I still have a collection of about 4 
backup meters!

Joel Milner wrote:
> Anyone who likes the multi-test drum system on the compact, but would like a
> meter that references to plasma, might consider the Bayer Breeze 2. This
> takes a disc (about the size of a credit card, but circular) that holds 10
> test sensors, and uses a simple (and pretty reliable) mechanical carousel
> system to load the sensors.  The meter is on the large size, but I find that
> the convenience of not having to tear open packets and load strips
> individually more than makes up for this.
> Joel
> .
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