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RE: [IPk] Bayer Contour Link v Accu-chek Compact

If you have blood drawn for a blood test, for example at your Doctor's
surgery or Clinic, the glucose  levels will be expressed as mmol/L of
Plasma. Historically self-test meters used to read BG expressed as mmol/L of
whole blood.  Typically for the same sample, plasma numbers are about 13%
higher than whole blood numbers.  Most modern meters now convert their
readings to Plasma, which is considered to be the "standard".  BG targets
(e.g. as recommended by DUK, ADA etc.) are based on plasma glucose not whole


When the newer Bayer meters came out, I did a series of double measurements
to compare my readings on the old (whole blood)  and new (plasma) versions
of the Breeze.  The plasma numbers were on average 20% higher than the whole
blood numbers (which meant that I had to tighten up my control to meet the
targets using my new meter).


For that reason it may be advisable to stick to a meter that expresses
results for Plasma. If you prefer the Roche meters, AFAK, all of the newer
models reference to  Plasma glucose. Obviously, the pump will work if you
program it with either system. However, if you set your pre-meal target
range and you use a meter that reads whole blood, you will be setting
targets that are actually 13% or more higher than if you use a plasma
referenced meter.


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