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Re: [IPk] Flying


Hi - I have found that security issues differs from person to person even in
the same airport. I have just got back from New York and on the way out,
told them I had insulin in my hand luggage. I had two bottles of insulin,
plus I had a bottle of Cavilon Spray, some spare sets and syringes in my
hand luggage. The bloke told that to the guy monitoring the xray machine. I
wear my pump on a belt clip but did not say anything. When I walked through
the scanner, they asked to swipe the pump with the analysis wand but that
was all. On the return journey in JFK, I did not say a word about anything
and they did not bat an eyelid. The only thing they said was "please remove
your shoes"!.

The do believe though, the best approach is to let them know so they can't
accuse you of hiding it but it does not always work in one's favour! I
normally carry a hospital letter but have never used it yet!

As for do's and don'ts, I was told not to let them put your pump through the
machine. Don't pack your insulin in the hold luggage always carry it with
you. I would say the same thing for all your pump supplies. With experience
of lost and delayed luggage you do not want to start fretting how to find
more sets/reservoirs etc in an unfamiliar place, especially if you are on
holiday as it can use up the little time you have.

I also find due to the hot weather, my insulin requirements are less and I
use more sets if I sweat too much!

I hope this info has been of use. If there is anything else, please ask. I
only get the emails in digest form, so you can email me direct if you wish a
quicker response.


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