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Re: [IPk] Job Interview

You only have to state it if they ask. Otherwise you don't.

email @ redacted wrote:
 > i think with it being legally classed as a disability, if you don't mention
 > on an application form they can legally sack you for effectively lying on
 > application and it wouldnt be unfair dismissal because you almost certainly
 > to sign decaration which will go something along the lines of : "The
> I have given on this form is true. I understand that if Woolworths offer me a
> job and I have given
 > false or misleading information this could lead the withdrawal of the offer,
> or dismissal without notice and
>   compensation if I have commenced work." (courtesy of woolworths!). i may of
> course be totally wrong however i'm never going to risk it and its up to you
> whether you do!
>   Sammy
> Under the DDA diabetes is classified as a disability. It depends where your
> are applying to work, but in some cases it can be an advantage to say yes. I
> have always had a big problem with being considered disabled and have never,
> ever had a problem at job interviews. I always fill in on the application
> form that I have diabetes, and if it comes up at interview I state that I
> will have to attend diabetes clinics periodically and it has never ever
> caused a problem. I recently completed a college application where there was
> a series of tick boxes for hidden disabilities, and diabetes was one of
> them. If you don't consider yourself disabled, fill in that you have
> diabetes but this does not interfere with your ability to work. I think we
> all get far too hung up about what other people will think and say.
> I tend just to get on with my life and then nobody notices that I have
> diabetes, You're right to think the way you do Bethan - just don't dwell on
> it and you'll be fine. These days the reasons applications ask about
> disabilities is because employers want to be seen to be discriminatory,
> therefore it could actually be advantageous to say you are disabled.
> Personally I would never do that, but if it might give you an edge, it might
> be worth it.
> Mary Moody
> .
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