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[IPk] I'm connected

My situation re batteries has been solved as Roche managed to find enough to
last me for some time. I connected up yesterday ( Was also sent a few
cartridges and infusion sets to last me but am due a delivary on Wednesday-
was going to wait until then but got inpatient!)
I have read the survey re bubblesB  ( this was something that frequently
plagued me last time) and am using the tip about wearing pump upside down so
any bubbles float away from the line. The samples I sent were only 30 cm
whereas my delivary will contain 60 cm tubing- I think I prefer theB former as
less to get caught or tangled and less tubing for bubbles to develop in/
easier to check and deal with these if they occur. I will ask to change to the
30 cm when I next order
I was on 18 units (split dose) levemir ( should actually have been taking 1
unit more at night but reduced it after one morning reading of 3 as I have
been having far too many hypos, andB as a consequence of dose
reduction,B waking up in double figures
I decided to settle for a very conservative 0.6 units/ hour- total basal dose
of 14.4 units- which is exactly what I was on 3 1/2 years ago- and bolus
ratios of 1 unit for 15 g carb ( 1 unit usually covered far less than this
onB  injections). Since starting on the pump no readings have been greater
than 5.6 with one low of 3.6.I am not sureB  if B this is due to a bit of
levemir still floating around or the very hot weather or generally needing
less inuslin to start with, or whether I am going to permanently need
considerably lower doses than on injections. When I was previously using the
pump I was carb estimating rather than counting and mostly just used a ratio
of 1 unit to 10 g carbs and adjusted basals if high or low.....
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