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[IPk] Working on an allotment.....

I no longer have an allotment, however, do have a garden. I find that half
an hour in the garden can have quite a dramatic effect on the BG. My latest
approach is to leave 10g off my meal bolus if I will be working within two
hours. Also eat something like one of the small bananas immediately before
you start without bolusing. I think you will also find that you need to take
fruit juice or something sweet as you work as well. I found that cutting my
basal to 30% always resulted in a high later. This doesn't happen so readily
when I skip or reduce the bolus. I only take a small dose of insulin (TDD
about 18 units now) so a little change makes a big difference to me. I also
find that half an hour in the garden uses far more calories than half an
hour at the gym - I think its because so many different muscles are used.
Allotments are really, really hard work .


Mary Moody
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