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Re: [IPk] Prescription expemption renewal

Hi Helen
Google is your friend (I typed in "renew NHS exemption certificate" and 
got this most useful page).

Medical Exemption Certificates- Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll down to the bottom:

*Q. I have a Medical Exemption which is due to expire. How do I renew it?*

A. We will send you a reminder letter, including a renewal application 
form about 21 days before your certificate is due to expire.

*Q. I did not receive a renewal letter and my Medical Exemption 
certificate has expired?*

A. Please contact us on 0845 601 8076 and we will advise you what to do.

That should help!

I think the length of time you get it for does vary according to where 
you live.

Stehelndd wrote:
> Hi All
> Just a query..
> I had to get a 'script from the docs today for a severe chest infection
> (ahh...summer!) and realised while in the chemist my exemption certificate
> is due to expire in August. In the past (I've had type 1 diabetes for 34
> yrs) I have had to go through hoops to get a new card with loads of forms,
> Drs certificates, etc., to fill out and it takes months to get a new one.
> The chemist said that normally, anyone with a chronic condition that isn't
> going to change, (ie: type 1 diabetes) will automatically be sent a new card
> without having to fill out forms, etc., but this never happens with mine.
> I'd like to know how anyone on here goes about renewing their cards. I don't
> have a telephone number to call them on, just a PO address in Newcastle. Has
> anyone got a contact number? How long do you get your cards for? My cards
> normally last 3 years. A lady in the chemist said her sister has type 1 and
> has been issued a card for life!
> Regards and puzzled
> Helen (medtronic minimed 522 4 years plus)
> .
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