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Re: [IPk] "Essential" criteria for a pump

Hi David
If you've got too much time on your hands you could do worse than a 
trawl through the archives of this list on the website, or a search for 
relevent info, as such issues do crop up frequently in our discussions.

david hales wrote:
> Until I joined this discussion group, I wasn't aware that you could chose a
> pump. My PTC provide Accu-chek Spirit (which I am still waiting for), and I
> assumed that was it!
> Di mentioned that (and I appreciate that people's requirements differ) she
> would want a Luer lock set. What other things would users consider essential
> (again, I realise that this will differ between users - but there will
> probably be common things coming through)? and "nice-to-haves"?
> I would guess (hope) that ALL pumps have the essentials - but obviously not
> the Luer lock set facility.
> I am probably getting too far into this - the devil finds work for idle hands
> and all that! I suppose I could do some work - but Morocco is looming!
> Any comments would be useful for a newbie (hopefully soon - I still have
> problems sorting out control even with 12+ tests per day).
> CheersDavid Hales > Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008 14:28:10 +0100> From:
> email @ redacted> To: email @ redacted> Subject: Re: [IPk]
> realised I was being slightly facetious!) but the > point still stands. For
> some people the choice of pump is not that > important (and I do know people
 > who've chosen the pump based on the > colour because they don't care about
> other criteria). If I was > choosing a pump for the first time, I'd probably
> go for the one that > looked the nicest since I don't actually care about the
> other criteria, > apart from the fact that I'd prefer a pump with a Luer lock
 > (but I > wouldn't have known that till I'd tried the Medtronic pumps and
> I > don't like the non-Luer lock sets). An esteemed friend of mine (who >
> shall remain nameless, but some of you may have heard the story) chose > his
> first pump (around 12 years ago now, when there was little choice of > pumps)
> based on the fact that he preferred Minimed's website to > Disetronic's (they
 > were the only two options). He was paying for his > pump himself as well.>
> some people, the choice of pump is really important, but for some > people,
> it's really not a big deal.> > For my next pump, I would really like one with
> Luer lock sets. However I > can see it being a fight to explain to them why
 > this is so important > (for me, the luer lock sets were just so much easier
> use and I found > it far easier to fill the reservoirs; also, it's easier to
> reuse the > reservoirs) as I can just see the PCT saying "it's not the sets,
> it's > you, you're not doing it right".> > I wonder if people do get a choice
> of hearing aids? I wouldn't be > surprised if they don't. My friend who lost
 > his leg through cancer (and > was very fit and active, actually a former
> partner of mine) didn't > get any choice in his artificial leg......he was in
> agony for a long > time until he discovered that he could get a different
 > design, although > he kept taking it back and they would shave bits off it
> so on!> Di> > > > Jackie Jacombs wrote:> > Hi Di> >> >> >> > One hopes the
> choice of a pump in not down to it colour alone!!! LOL I cant> see> > this
> preference swaying the PCT (giggling here)> > I agree that the pump one
> chooses is very important and as one has to live> with> > it for so many
> years, it should be the right one for that patient. It might> be> > important
> to have the right sort of infusion sets as well as these are the> > invasive
> bit which you are "stuck with" all day long its very important that> >
 > patients get a choice.> >> >> > I assume that people with digital hearing
> get a choice and I know that> > they can be very expensive.> >> >> >> >> >
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