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[IPk] Re: Near-continuous monitoring of something that isn't blood glucose

Hi Pat,

I agree with you entirely about the need for
intelligent pump use, and what you read on that
poster seems to be a prime example of what is
clearly not optimal use. I'm currently analyzing my
grand pump bubbles survey - analysis taking much
longer than it should due to other pressures. And I
have the advantage of free access to a medical
statistician who has now had 10.5 years' exposure to
diabetes related issues. While I shouldn't
really offer my husband's services without asking
his permission, if you have statistical questions,
please do feel free to email.

>As my own recent pump-stupidity shows, it is very
easy to use technology
>badly, and the more I have learned about research
suggests to me that
>many medical trials are fatally flawed in their
assumptions.  For
>example, I came across a conference poster  the
other night which looked
>at the carb/insulin ratios set on Cosmo pumps
returned to the
>manufacturer. Guess what: the curve is not normal,
with 10/1 being far
>to often represented, and 11/1 very rare.  Bother,
I SAVED that, and now
>cannot find it.

>The Great Physician smiled at me indulgently when I
said I didn't need a
>consultant, I needed a medical statistician.  I've
got quite proficient
>with SPSS (a statistical package for social
scientists) over the past
>few years, and realise more than ever what I don't
know about
>BETWEEN MEAN AND MODE, I need to see a
statistician.  Or rather, I don't
>actually need to see them.  I just need to email
them my data, have them
>do their thing, and come up with suggestions which
I can then trial.
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