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Re: [IPk] Near-continuous monitoring of something that isn't blood glucose

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for the idea of using 'glucose' rather than 'something that isn't 
blood glucose' (well, Duh!).  Is it still 'near'?  If so, personally, I 
might think of it as (n)CGM - and at least I'll be getting the three 
vital letters, which have otherwise failed to stick, so far.

As my own recent pump-stupidity shows, it is very easy to use technology 
badly, and the more I have learned about research suggests to me that 
many medical trials are fatally flawed in their assumptions.  For 
example, I came across a conference poster  the other night which looked 
at the carb/insulin ratios set on Cosmo pumps returned to the 
manufacturer. Guess what: the curve is not normal, with 10/1 being far 
to often represented, and 11/1 very rare.  Bother, I SAVED that, and now 
cannot find it.

The Great Physician smiled at me indulgently when I said I didn't need a 
consultant, I needed a medical statistician.  I've got quite proficient 
with SPSS (a statistical package for social scientists) over the past 
few years, and realise more than ever what I don't know about 
BETWEEN MEAN AND MODE, I need to see a statistician.  Or rather, I don't 
actually need to see them.  I just need to email them my data, have them 
do their thing, and come up with suggestions which I can then trial.

With CGM, I am now at the point where I think the bet that I will 
benefit financially from investing in one is good (i.e. extra earning 
years!), but I'm still reluctant to do this in case I am one of those 
people who simply cannot get on with the things.  So I'll do as you 
suggest and see if I can get a trial from a manufacturer.



Pat Reynolds

It may look messy now ...
         ... but just you come back in 500 years time (T. Pratchett).
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