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RE: [IPk] Medtronic offering free pump!!!

Hi Rhoda

I think that sometimes people with medical conditions, especially ones like
 diabetes, one has to be a bit "selfish" though that really isn't the right
Proactive is probably closer to the word I am looking for, but still not the
right one.  If you wanted to cost the NHS less money you could go back to
syringes and inject multiple times a day.  However this may not work and would
 not be good for your quality of life. By looking after yourself in the best you
can, you maybe saving the NHS money in the long run.  If you no longer have to
do set changes so often this will also save money in the long run.

Remember this, with most other conditions you dont get a say on how it turns
out.  With diabetes what you do will have the biggest effect on the outcome.
With diabetes how it turns out is mostly up to the individual.  Therefore the
choice of tools to help you manage the condition is crucial.  Especially if you
have other medical conditions to deal with.

No more guilt trips,  just tell yourself you are worth it!!


> I've had problems with the Medtronic sets off and on for years and have
> tried different sets, dressings, barriers etc but occlusion and inflammation
> occurs quickly.  Strangely this didn't happen with Disetronic sets and I
> used them for almost a year or more.
> This means I change the sets every 2 days and very occasionally stretch to 3
> days.  In my book this means that delivery and therefore control over the
> last few hours is iffy and the costs of the extra sets over the life of the
> pump is considerable.
> I'm getting a free month's trial of an Animas pump so will closely monitor
> everything throughout so I can make an informed choice.
> Costing the NHS and the PCT a lot of money because of my multiple medical
> conditions, I already have a "guilt trip" self-assumed and definitely not
> subscribed to by my GP.
> Still the idea of me choosing the Animas over the Medtronic and that this
> may prevent someone else getting pump therapy - is difficult to handle.
> At least for me!
> Melissa, do you give courses in ditching "guilt"? <G>
> Rhoda
> .

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