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Re: [IPk] "Essential" criteria for a pump

Hi Dave

I was one of those who wanted a particular pump, the Animas and fought for 
it with difficulty.  The main reason was the O.O25 hourly basal that it 
could give.  My needs (or no needs) are very tiny in the night and this has 
stopped me from going hypo every night.  The only alternative was O.O and I 
was warned against this.  You will read many other reasons if you stay in 
this conference and, like you, I did not know the difference when I first 
had a pump 5 years ago.


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Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 3:19 PM
Subject: [IPk] "Essential" criteria for a pump

> Until I joined this discussion group, I wasn't aware that you could chose 
> a
> pump. My PTC provide Accu-chek Spirit (which I am still waiting for), and 
> I
> assumed that was it!
> Di mentioned that (and I appreciate that people's requirements differ) she
> would want a Luer lock set. What other things would users consider 
> essential
> (again, I realise that this will differ between users - but there will
> probably be common things coming through)? and "nice-to-haves"?
> I would guess (hope) that ALL pumps have the essentials - but obviously 
> not
> the Luer lock set facility.
> I am probably getting too far into this - the devil finds work for idle 
> hands
> and all that! I suppose I could do some work - but Morocco is looming!
> Any comments would be useful for a newbie (hopefully soon - I still have
> problems sorting out control even with 12+ tests per day).
> CheersDavid Hales > Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008 14:28:10 +0100> From:
> email @ redacted> To: email @ redacted> Subject: Re: 
> [IPk]
> realised I was being slightly facetious!) but the > point still stands. 
> For
> some people the choice of pump is not that > important (and I do know 
> people
> who've chosen the pump based on the > colour because they don't care about 
> the
> other criteria). If I was > choosing a pump for the first time, I'd 
> probably
> go for the one that > looked the nicest since I don't actually care about 
> the
> other criteria, > apart from the fact that I'd prefer a pump with a Luer 
> lock
> (but I > wouldn't have known that till I'd tried the Medtronic pumps and 
> found
> I > don't like the non-Luer lock sets). An esteemed friend of mine (who >
> shall remain nameless, but some of you may have heard the story) chose > 
> his
> first pump (around 12 years ago now, when there was little choice of > 
> pumps)
> based on the fact that he preferred Minimed's website to > Disetronic's 
> (they
> were the only two options). He was paying for his > pump himself as well.> 
> For
> some people, the choice of pump is really important, but for some > 
> people,
> it's really not a big deal.> > For my next pump, I would really like one 
> with
> Luer lock sets. However I > can see it being a fight to explain to them 
> why
> this is so important > (for me, the luer lock sets were just so much 
> easier to
> use and I found > it far easier to fill the reservoirs; also, it's easier 
> to
> reuse the > reservoirs) as I can just see the PCT saying "it's not the 
> sets,
> it's > you, you're not doing it right".> > I wonder if people do get a 
> choice
> of hearing aids? I wouldn't be > surprised if they don't. My friend who 
> lost
> his leg through cancer (and > was very fit and active, actually a former 
> dance
> partner of mine) didn't > get any choice in his artificial leg......he was 
> in
> agony for a long > time until he discovered that he could get a different
> design, although > he kept taking it back and they would shave bits off it 
> and
> so on!> Di> > > > Jackie Jacombs wrote:> > Hi Di> >> >> >> > One hopes the
> choice of a pump in not down to it colour alone!!! LOL I cant> see> > this
> preference swaying the PCT (giggling here)> > I agree that the pump one
> chooses is very important and as one has to live> with> > it for so many
> years, it should be the right one for that patient. It might> be> > 
> important
> to have the right sort of infusion sets as well as these are the> > 
> invasive
> bit which you are "stuck with" all day long its very important that> >
> patients get a choice.> >> >> > I assume that people with digital hearing 
> aids
> get a choice and I know that> > they can be very expensive.> >> >> >> >> >
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