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[IPk] Re: Setting post-meal targets on a Cozmo

I have a Cozmo 1700, and will have a look for those features - wasn't aware 
of them till now - feel stupid!
> From: Pat Reynolds <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPk] Setting post-meal targets on a Cozmo
> Hi All,
> I have read through all the Cozmo literature that I can track down, and
> can't see how to make a couple of changes - does anyone know how to do
> this?:
> I want to bring down the post-meal high setting (i.e. the level up to
> which the pump thinks is fine, and which it sets as the target).  It is
> currently set at 200 (11.1), which is too high, I think.  I would like
> to see what happens when I reduce it to 160.
> I also want to try changing the length of the time during which the pump
> thinks I am 'post-meal' and corrects to the higher number, rather than
> to my normal target - perhaps initially down from two hours to
> one-and-a-half hours.
> If anyone can tell me on which screen(s) on the pump (it's a 1700) or
> computer I can change these settings, I'd be grateful!
> Cheers,
> Pat
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