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RE: [IPk] Blood in CGMS Sensor

I had one of those just before i started the pump and mine was the same. I
think it's ok it didn't cause any problems that i know of. As long as it isn't
painful i think it's alright but if you're worried about it i'd speak to
somebody just incase.
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[IPk] Blood in CGMS Sensor> Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 22:00:28 +0100> > Insulin
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small amount of blood is normal and wont necessarily affect the accuracy > of
the readings. I agree with Diana - only remove it if it hurts as this may >
indicate an infection> > Regards,> > Martin Seitler> > > ----- Original
Message ----- > From: <email @ redacted>> To:
<email @ redacted>> Sent: Monday, July 07, 2008 9:31 PM> Subject:
[IPk] Blood in CGMS Sensor> >> > I've just had a CGMS fitted this morning for
4 days and after being at the> > gym tonight there looks like blood around the
sensor. If it was an> > infusion set I would take it out but don't have this
option as DSN fitted> > it and has sensors. I have had a CGMS once before and
I could be wrong but> > I think it looked the same then and did not affect the
readings. I have an> > appointment with my GP tomorrow morning about something
else and could ask> > his opinion but I don't think he would be any help. My
plan at the moment> > is just to phone my DSN tomorrow but just wondered if
anyone has any> > experience of this.> >> > Many thanks> > Gillian> >> > Type
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