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RE: [IPk] High bgs 2 hours after meal

Thanks for your help. I haven't tested any ratios or anything out though. When
i started on the pump they had me on a basal of 0.7 per hour for the whole day
but i've changed it around now. 4am til 9am i have 0.9... 9am til 12am i have
0.8 and 12am til 4am i have 0.7. Carb ratio in the morning is 1 unit per 5g,
and after 4pm it's 1 unit per 7g.> From: email @ redacted> To:
email @ redacted> Subject: Re: [IPk] High bgs 2 hours after meal>
suggested this to you, but I find that if > I take my breakfast bolus about
half an hour before breakfast I don't get > highs. If that doesn't work how
about taking a portion of your basal for the > hour or two hours after
breakfast, and deducting from basal amount, and > adding it to the bolus
insulin. That way it will increase your bolus insulin > but will still give
the same combined bolus and basal amount. There's a name > for that method
which I can't remember now. I'm assuming, of course, that > you have tested
your basal and Carb Ratios. If not, your carb ratios might > need adjusting.
If your blood sugar is high before breakfast, wait until it > is within normal
range before eating. What you eat can also determine your > after meal blood
sugars.There is a book called "Pumping Insulin", which is > worth getting if
you can. I'm not sure but your library might have it. I'm > embarrassed to say
it took me years to figure the pump out to my > satisfaction (my own fault),
but when I did, it made life so much easier. > I'm starting to ramble now so
I'll leave it at that. I hope you get it > sorted real soon.> > > -----
Original Message ----- > From: "laura louise" <email @ redacted>> To:
<email @ redacted>> Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2008 2:55 PM> Subject:
[IPk] High bgs 2 hours after meal> > > > Hello, i've only been on an insulin
pump for 2 weeks now but i've always > > had> > this problem, even on
injections. After i have a meal, my blood shoots up> > sometimes right up to
the 20's and particularly in the afternoon it's > > still> > high at 2 hours
after the meal, usually around 16. It always comes back > > down> > by tea
time though. I'm really not sure what i can do to help this but > > it's> >
really frustrating cos i'm trying very hard to keep my levels at a decent> >
level to improve my hbA1c and these aren't gonna help.> > Thankyou> > Laura> >
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