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Re: [IPk] Setting post-meal targets on a Cozmo

In message <037a01c8e051$e0cd68b0$email @ redacted>, Angie Jewell 
<email @ redacted> writes
>My daughter also uses a 1700, but I wasn't aware of a post meal target 
>or a post meal time setting option.

Now I have done some experimenting, I find that there isn't a different 
target at all.  Instead, the Cosmo is very stupid.  What it is doing is 
looking at insulin on board, but not food-on-board.

So the 'higher post-meal target' I was seeing was just the amount that a 
30g meal (I eat mostly 30g lunches, and invariably 30g breakfasts) will 
raise my bg an hour or so out.

I had tended to believe the mantra that one should not test before meal 
+2 hours, so it was rarely a problem, but I have decided to get 
aggressive - which means not accepting post-meal highs.  For these I 
will just ignore the pump saying 'no bolus need', and mentally think 
what bolus to give.

Similarly, snacks will need me to think, rather than rely on the pump 
calculating, since it will be taking into account insulin but not food 
from the previous meal.

Oh for a pump which knows the difference between a meal bolus and a 
correction bolus when factoring how much insulin one has 'on board'!


Pat Reynolds

It may look messy now ...
         ... but just you come back in 500 years time (T. Pratchett).
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