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Re: [IPk] Medtronic offering free pump!!!

Hi Rhoda
Nice though the offer of a free pump is, if it's not the right pump for 
you then you should push for the Animas. You're entitled to the pump 
that suits you after all. I'd keep pushing for the Animas if I were you.

I've been given a temporary loan pump by Medtronic in the past when mine 
died and was out of warranty (well it wsan't technically dead, but 
almost), with no restriction on the length of time I had it (though I 
guess at some point someone might have asked questions....) - I just 
told them I was definitely getting another Medtronic pump but was in the 
process of sorting it out with the PCT (actually the PCT hadn't been 
asked at that point, but that's a minor detail). I kept the loan pump 
for about 6 months I think, till my new pump came through. It did take 
me a few phone calls to convince them to give me a loan pump but I kept 
stressing how it was just a stopgap till we ordered the new one!


R Martin wrote:
> My Medtronic pump has died and I'm using a loan pump from them - yet they've
> refused a loan pump to someone else at my same DM clinic!!
> When I phoned them about my pump initially, being out of warranty, I was
> told I needed to buy a new pump.  So after chatting with the specialist pump
> nurse at the clinic, we decided I'd go for the Animas - because of the
> problems I've had most of the time with the Medtronic sets.  I can use
> Disetronic sets without problems.  Also the luer lock issue - lacking on
> Medtronic sets.
> My GP contacted the PCT and after lots of emails and phone calls, got
> funding permission for a replacement pump.
> THEN, an email arrived to say Medtronic had offered to replace my pump
> (although out of warranty) FREE OF CHARGE!!
> Perhaps the PCT had told them I'm wanting to change to an Animas.
> The Pump nurse at Southport has never heard of this.  Has anyone else?
> Okay I know they're wanting the on going income from the sets etc and given
> I have to change them at least every 2 days (sometimes more often) that is
> some income over the life of a pump.
> I'd still prefer the Animas but am being pressured into taking this "free"
> Medtronic pump.  Don't know yet what type (currently on a 508) as the
> Medtronic contact is on training today.
> GP has put forward the case of different pump because of the set problems
> but of course this is to a finance bod at the PCT not medical.
> Any suggestions?  I've copied this to John Davis at INPUT (in case he's not
> reading the list at the moment).
> Rhoda
> BTW I have a Medtronic 508 that could be repaired (probably) but no-one is
> interested in this.  Anyone out there wanting it?  (case damaged in one
> corner).
> .
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