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Re: [IPk] High bgs 2 hours after meal

Laura, I don't know if anyone has suggested this to you, but I find that if 
I take my breakfast bolus about half an hour before breakfast I don't get 
highs. If that doesn't work how about taking a portion of your basal for the 
hour or two hours after breakfast, and deducting from basal amount, and 
adding it to the bolus insulin. That way it will increase your bolus insulin 
but will still give the same combined bolus and basal amount. There's a name 
for that method which I can't remember now. I'm assuming, of course, that 
you have tested your basal and Carb Ratios. If not, your carb ratios might 
need adjusting. If your blood sugar is high before breakfast, wait until it 
is within normal range before eating. What you eat can also determine your 
after meal blood sugars.There is a book called "Pumping Insulin", which is 
worth getting if you can. I'm not sure but your library might have it. I'm 
embarrassed to say it took me years to figure the pump out to my 
satisfaction (my own fault), but when I did, it made life so much easier. 
I'm starting to ramble now so I'll leave it at that. I hope you get it 
sorted real soon.

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Subject: [IPk] High bgs 2 hours after meal

> Hello, i've only been on an insulin pump for 2 weeks now but i've always 
> had
> this problem, even on injections. After i have a meal, my blood shoots up
> sometimes right up to the 20's and particularly in the afternoon it's 
> still
> high at 2 hours after the meal, usually around 16. It always comes back 
> down
> by tea time though. I'm really not sure what i can do to help this but 
> it's
> really frustrating cos i'm trying very hard to keep my levels at a decent
> level to improve my hbA1c and these aren't gonna help.
> Thankyou
> Laura
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