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Re: [IPk] pump clinic

Can I suggest that you send her a letter saying you will be bringing a 
tape recorder to your next meeting?  Don't offer any reasons, but if 
asked, say 'so I can review what you say later, to make sure I've really 
understood it'. If you have a diagnosis of any form of learning 
disability, then would be the time to trot it out!

As a professional (in a completely different part of the woods), such a 
request would set the alarm bells ringing, and worry the heck out of me, 
but I would nevertheless feel obligated to still meet with you, and be 

Refusal to be recorded is tantamount to public admission of guilt, IMO.

Best wishes,

(oh, blast, I didn't save this .. here we go:
type 1 40ish, attitude 40ish, pumper 10ish, Cosmo 4ish)
Pat Reynolds

It may look messy now ...
         ... but just you come back in 500 years time (T. Pratchett).
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