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Re: [IPk] Unexpected increase in sinsulin needs?

Hi Rich and Di
I do have a morning raise, and have adjust my setting so that I have
12-6am 0.3
8-11am0.5 the rest set at 0.3
This works well for a non-working days most of the time, but this morning I
tested at 6.50am when I got up for a bit with hubby (my day off) and I was a
nice 6.7mmol/lB  had a coffee and sneaked back off to bed until 8-45 tested
for brekkie and gone up to 8.8mmol/l.B  I think that my morning basal and
night time are still out, as I did drop from 9.9mmol/l at 11.15 pm to this
morning reading...
I almost did a second work profile for work, but having suffered 2 very minor
hypo's, means that I really need to it out a bit more....
At the moment I struggle to interpret my data, because I'm dyslexic and number
patterns are very difficult for me to see unless I have it down in graph form,
and I decided to change my BG meter to one that they could download at clinic
with my pump information, and I didn't think that I would still be waiting for
rouche to deliver the smart pix thingy that I need to do it with ahhh...

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Subject: RE: [IPk] Unexpected increase in sinsulin needs?

Hello Jo,

It sounds like you need to tune up your basal rates. I have 3 different basal
rates for a normal 24 hour period. That and I still need to do a cheat bolus
when I wake up. I get a rise in BS's in the first hours after waking. Instead
of trying to basal this out, which can vary depending on when I wake up, I
just do a 3 unit bolus.

Only issue with getting your basals set correctly for work days is what about
the weekends? Do your blood sugars follow the same pattern on the weekends?
they do, then doing a higher basal rate for that time of day will fix it. If
not then it might be a bit trickier.

By the way, roughly 1/2 the people get a blood sugar drop when doing physical
exercise, 1/2 get a rise at first, and the other 1/2 don't see much of a
change. One of my Doc's told me this when I first started pumping. He used to
joke about being a doctor not a mathematician. (-:

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eliminate this header from your IP mail> > Hi All> B > I've only been on my
pump for a month now, but it has thrown up a few> surprises...B The biggest
far is work...> B > I expected that I would need to reduce my basal, because
my work is quite> physical, I'm on my feet moving around, lifting etc...B B
my first day> with the pump I decided not to a temp reduction in my basal,
monitor to> see how I reacted...B So was surprised to see my BG's rise?> B >
have to run at between 130/140% up on my basal to achieve good good>
control...B So I've looked to see if I have a knock on effect later in the>
day (by the afternoon I can normally run my basal as normal) but really
see one!> B > At the moment I'm still working out my correct basals, so
whether this is> masking anything I don't know, but I'm off to see my pump
nurse this> afternoon, so I shall see if see can shed any light on it!> B >
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