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RE: [IPk] Unexpected increase in sinsulin needs?

Hi Di and Rich

 There are also some other things I cant explain. Doing Gym training same length
of time, but on different days, and different times of the day.  Completely
different results.

When Sasha used to do her 3 hours gymnastic training on a Sunday morning things
 were perfect. Breakfast, then off to gym at 10.30 am. Tested and corrected if
needed, detach pump.  Half way through connect up do fixed prime, eat and bolus
for snack.  At the end of the session connect up fixed prime, correction if
necessary.  Corrections were rarely needed and the BG remain within target
range.  BG levels used to drop a little later in the day sometimes during the
night a lower basal was needed.

Now she has been switched to Saturdays and after lunch at 1.30 to 4.30pm .
Totally different picture.  BG level always high at halfway point and sometimes
was over 16 mmols at the end.  We did exactly the same thing.  We tried moving
lunch forward so that Sasha has a "brunch" rather than eating breakfast and
lunch, which she ate two hours before she went to gym.  Still nothing changed.
I cant remember why, but one day Sasha decided that she wouldn't have lunch at
 all. So on Saturdays she now has breakfast, but no lunch and starts Gym at 1.30
pm does the same as before but now sometimes needs to give some extra insulin
 halfway through. Missing the meal is the main thing that seems to enable her to
get the control she used to have on Sundays when she used to go straight after
breakfast.  So while Sundays at 1.30 - 4.30 worked fine with what she did,
Saturdays is much more difficult to deal with, I assume due to the time of day.

I took a long time to solve this problem and we only did by accident when Sasha
decided to miss having lunch.

 I always take a hot GF toasted cheese sandwich when I collect her because she
often very hungry.


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> hi Rich
> While it's true of course that everyone responds differently, I think
> this could be slightly misleading because it also makes a difference
> what kind of exercise (aerobic or non-aerobic, for instance) you're
> doing and what your BG is to start with, how much insulin you've
> recently taken etc. For example, my BG will generally rise during a
> softball tournament, especially first thing in the morning, but will
> drop like a stone with softball training (in the evening). Combination
> of more intense exercise when training, less stress, usually more
> insulin that I've recently bolused, no post-waking high BGs, and so on....
> Similarly if I go to the gym at 6pm for an hour my BG will drop like a
> stone, but if I go for a run outside at 6pm my BG will stay roughly the
> same or rise!
> I'm not a diabetic any more I'm a scientist :-)
> Di
> > By the way, roughly 1/2 the people get a blood sugar drop when
> doing physical
> > exercise, 1/2 get a rise at first, and the other 1/2 don't see much of a
> > change. One of my Doc's told me this when I first started pumping.
> He used to
> > joke about being a doctor not a mathematician. (-:
> > Rich
> .

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