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RE: [IPk] Unexpected increase in sinsulin needs?


You're very correct on that. There are so many variables that can effect your
blood sugars. Time of day, type of exercise, food eaten in the last day,
insulin intake, how you're feeling physically, even allergies, etc etc. The
list goes on and on.Heck, if this were easy, anyone could be a diabetic! oh,
wait, hmm..... :-)

Type 1 10 years. Pumping 4 years. Paradigm 722.

> Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2008 09:14:08 +0100> From: email @ redacted> To:
email @ redacted> Subject: Re: [IPk] Unexpected increase in sinsulin
that everyone responds differently, I think > this could be slightly
misleading because it also makes a difference > what kind of exercise (aerobic
or non-aerobic, for instance) you're > doing and what your BG is to start
with, how much insulin you've > recently taken etc. For example, my BG will
generally rise during a > softball tournament, especially first thing in the
morning, but will > drop like a stone with softball training (in the evening).
Combination > of more intense exercise when training, less stress, usually
more > insulin that I've recently bolused, no post-waking high BGs, and so
on....> Similarly if I go to the gym at 6pm for an hour my BG will drop like a
> stone, but if I go for a run outside at 6pm my BG will stay roughly the >
same or rise!> I'm not a diabetic any more I'm a scientist :-)> Di> > By the
way, roughly 1/2 the people get a blood sugar drop when doing physical> >
exercise, 1/2 get a rise at first, and the other 1/2 don't see much of a> >
change. One of my Doc's told me this when I first started pumping. He used to>
> joke about being a doctor not a mathematician. (-:> > Rich> .>
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